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Tammy Mcleod’s Blog

My mom’s blog is my favorite.

Done ūüėÄ

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Paint Your World As YOU Want It (via Spirit Lights The Way)

This is from one of my mom’s friends and I was pretty happy that she called the guy Calvin.

Paint Your World As YOU Want It Three young boys¬†arrived at school one morning.¬† The teacher greeted them by saying, "Today, we're going to Paint!" The first child, Allen,¬†arrogantly replied, "I'm an excellent painter!¬† My painting will be the best painting you've ever seen.¬† I'm the best painter in the class." The second child, Bernie, bashfully replied, "I can't paint very well.¬† Do I have to paint?¬† I'd rather read a book." The teacher smiled, "Just paint from the heart, and … Read More

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Weekend Food and Fun Photos (via Agrigirl’s Blog)

My mom took me to NYC with her last week. It was a lot of fun.

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Teach Your Children Well (via Agrigirl’s Blog)

My mom and I had fun writing this post on her blog about my birthday.

Teach Your Children Well This is a delightful moment. I am co-authoring this blogpost with guest blogger, Calvin H. For those of you who do not know, Calvin is my middle son who turned 11 this week. His birthday and the activities that surrounded it are something that we'd like to share. Hi, I'm Calvin. I turned 11 on Tuesday. This year¬†I didn't want a party.¬†Instead, I aske … Read More

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Violin Recital

Violin is both fun and challenging. It takes hard work to get better at it. You have to do a lot of repetition to get better at each individual piece. My favorite piece to play is Minuet II.  I like it because it is advanced and complicated.  Today I had a violin recital today at 3:30. It was a lot of fun. When it was over, we got to eat a lot of treats.

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School can be a lot of fun sometimes. There are so many different¬†activities¬†in school. I love my new school but, I usually¬†don’t like school in total. I love projects they are a lot of fun when I work with my mom and dad. At my old school the only projects we had were in class projects. My new school is a lot better though. School is awesome!!!

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Sports Can Be A Drag

I am a person who loves sports. So many other people love sports too. Sometimes many practices can get very similar to the others and I just want to quit because it is boring and the same. Other times you know that you’re doing something right but your coach wants to try a new strategy but, you hate it. So that is what I mean by sports can be a drag. I just don’t like doing the same thing in a practice. Sports Can Be A Drag!!!